easybeezy, Project for BBH London, awarded top concept.

Brief: To create a brand that can maximise the multiple benefits of Honey
- manuka honey has a slightly medicinal flavour and when applied to skin has been found by some studies to effectively treat wounds and ulcers that have failed to respond to standard medicine.The honey not only fights infection and aids tissue healing but has been found in clinical trials to reduce inflammation and scarring.
plasters that will encorporate the healing power of Manuka Honey. The "easybeezy" brand was developed.
Target market:
Children (aged 1-10) I wanted to make the plasters appealing to children as well as attract their parents to buy the product for them as an alternative to traditional sticking plasters. The bright themed colours would attract the kids and the convenient easy carry packaging combined with the natural healing ingredients would appeal to the parents.
Key point of difference: These plasters will not only protect your childs wound, it will disinfect and heal it faster while only using all natural materials. Fun and effective.